poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

i know we're cool

dzis pierwszy dzien wiosny, jak ja dlugoooo na to czekalam!
dzis odwiedziny w 3 w Gdansku i X w Gdyni na dniach otwartych i normalnie cudnieeeeeee w trojce!
w X w sumie chujowo, jakies same dresy ;o ale byla beka max sto tysiecy, nie ogarniam jak mozna sie uczyc rosyjskiego w szkole, nie moge ogarnac niemieckiego a co dopiero tamto;o
today - great, first day of spring <3 i've been dreaming about this day for a long timeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
i wasn't at school, my lovely friends and i took off to gdansk for an open day in one of the best high schools in our region, i fell in love with this school, its fantastic, and boys were charming(!) 
Next, we were in other school, and it was awful, but we had so much fun there(in this school students must learn russian!!:oo aww,i hate german, if i had to learn russian i would probably die, this language seems to be difficult :( 



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  1. haha great pictures:) i lreally like how the wind is blowing your hair away in the pictures:) ALso, the outfit is GREAT:) you're stylish as hell!:)